Alumni & Patrons

All the King's Men was founded in 2009 and since then has seen many different members join and leave as they complete their studies and move away from University in London. We are incredibly grateful both for the support of previous members of All the King's Men and also of our Patrons, who provide invaluable advice on all aspects of life in the group.







Paul Phoenix - The King's Singers

Paul Phoenix

I am delighted to be associated with AtKM as Patron. This committed and highly professional group of excellent singers have worked extremely hard for the success they continue to enjoy. Having been tenor in the King’s Singers for fifteen years I appreciate the commitment they have given to their work.

Being a member of a successful and stable ensemble requires many qualities, such as focus, careful rehearsal, vocal quality, a strong team ethic and a sense of humour! As I look back at my own experiences, I think not only of the immense satisfaction of being a member of the King’s Singers, but also of the sacrifice and dedication required to perform at the highest level. AtKM is a group to watch out for not just today, but in the future as their reputation continues to grow.

I feel honoured to be a small part of their development, in advising, coaching and mentoring this talented ensemble.

Paul has been singing with The King’s Singer’s since 1997 and after graduating from The Royal Northern College of Music he has been a vocal coach, with particular interest in young and developing voices.

Since becoming patron of All the King’s Men in 2012 Paul has given invaluable advice on vocal health and stage craft. He has also opened the group to some new experiences and partnerships which are in their early stages. Paul was a special guest in one of the group’s promotional videos just before their Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012.

Michelle Carlin - Sydney University

Michelle Carlin

All the King’s Men have given me more than I ever expected. It is an amazing experience to be part of something so special. I don’t think they ever knew/know how good they are. That’s because they are always focused on their audience, in trying to give the best performance every time. They are charming, amazingly talented, hard working, disciplined (at times), intelligent, wicked, well rounded and well mannered young men, who have the ability to make everyone in the room feel enriched for having met them. They make people smile uncontrollably and give you goosebumps when all their voices are are combined. You feel like you know them as soon as you meet them because they are some of the most genuine men you will ever meet.

Michelle is currently the Director of Student Recruitment for the University of Sydney and has oversight of the global student marketing and recruitment activities. Prior to this, Michelle was Marketing Director at King’s College London.

Michelle helped AtKM by providing advice ranging from marketing, to songs and wardrobe and taking them on a tour of the USA. She saw the potential of this diverse group of talented students and helped them create a popular a cappella group.



Gus Nicholson

Baritone | 2012-15

Sam Lyons

Tenor | 2012-15

Rufus Talks

Bass | 2012-2015

Rory Hill

Baritone | 2012-2015

Cameron Carr

Bass | 2010-2014

Jonny Stewart

Bass | 2011-2014

Zheng Xi Yong

Tenor | 2013-2014

Barry O'Reilly

Tenor | 2013-2014

Leon Berg

Baritone | 2013-2014

George Warren

Bass | 2013-2014

Peter Morrell

Tenor | 2012-2013

Eunseog Lee

Baritone | 2012-2013

Steffan Rizzi

Baritone | 2013

Jeff Gary

Bass | 2012-2013

Matt Slauson

Tenor | 2012-2013

Tom Hindmarch

Tenor | 2011-2013

Josh Darley

Tenor | 2011-2013

Josh Cooter

Tenor | 2011-2012

Angus McPhee

Baritone | 2011-2012

Tom Aldren

Baritone | 2011-2012

James Way

Treble | 2011-2012

John Roberts

Baritone | 2009-2012

Hugh Benson

Tenor | 2009-2012

Tomos Lavery

Tenor | 2009-2012

Henry Southern

Bass | 2009-2012

Noah Mosley

Tenor | 2009-2011

Folarin Akinmade

Tenor | 2009-2011

Don Samkange

Bass | 2009-2011

Chris Jamieson

Tenor | 2009-2011

Charlie Ransley

Bass | 2009-2011

Bernie Wong

Tenor | 2009-2011

Alex Jones

Bass | 2009-2011

Sam Waterbury

Bass | 2009-2010

Justin Chow

Tenor | 2009-2010